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Our company was founded to improve people’s (specially for immigrants) lives by helping those with less, gain access and stay connected to more.

Since 2015, our aim has been to build & run the safest, simplest, most effective & convenient services, in partnership with the best operators and platforms. We provide most secure service to more countries, Via worldclass operators, than anyone else. Helping people all around the world to send little bytes of happiness to their loved ones, in the blink of an eye. Our customers have successfully sent over 100 million top-ups –and more services To send a little smile all around the world.

  • One of the most trusted company around Asia Pacific and Southern Europe
  • We provide the most secured services in Italy
- Abdullah Al Mamun Khan, CEO

Why choose us?

This is the company where you can get everything, which could help you to stay connected with your family and your loved ones. Our company can offer you the most fastest and secured services at the lowest price. we are evolving this company to help whose is with less.

To share their happiness with the family and their loved ones.



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Safe, Fast & Express Cargo Service

Select your location to find services for shipping your package, package tracking, shipping rates and tools to support shippers.

Our cargo service works with the FedEx Integrator hub. We have late cut off times and can be anywhere in the world.

We also manage multiple strategic stock locations worldwide, allowing us to provide our clients with a global solution to their Customer Care and Logistic needs. All of our facilities and strategic stock locations operate with the same Transport Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS).Our service will also provide Home delivery system. To minimize your suffering and multiply your happiness. The World class Cargo service will ensure your safety.

You can track you product at any time from our website.

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Top-up Now from anywhere anytime !!

Now you can top-up any prepaid mobile phone number (your own, your friends or your relatives) across the world with your credit/debit cards.

Our service erases country, language, currency and distance barriers. We are available in 188 countries and supports more than 1736 world's largest mobile phone operators and also applicable in any operators, such as China Mobile, Vodafone, Bharti Airtel.

We will help you to be close to your loved ones despite the distance! The recharge we provide, can top up to your operator instantly. Top-up Now from anywhere anytime !!

Air Ticket at reasonable price

Cant Find the best price to book your air ticket?

Here we are to help you 24/7.

Book your Air ticket at the lowest price that none can get. Get help from our experts to get you any kind of information about your ticket.

We have Full accreditation authorizes travel agents to sell international and/or domestic tickets on behalf of IATA member airlines.It also allows access to IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), an efficient interface for invoicing and payment between the agent and customers. We are giving after sell service to our valuable customers. Ticket-Reissue and Ticket-Renew comes with after sell service.


If you are looking for exceptional cellular coverage and service for you in Italy, simply choose your plan and we will send you an Italian SIM card. And that will also comes with the offers you are looking for.

Our company provides the most popular operators like.. Wind , Vodafone, Tim , Lyca and all the other operators available in Italy and we are authorized reseller of these operators.

The company has a very close connection with all the popular operators in Italy.

Talk time API provider

Talktime and Data Top Up API Access one of the The World's largest Developer Platform for Connecting Το Global Telcos Enable your mobile and web apps to send mobile top - ups worldwide within minutes GET YOUR FREE API KEY Get free test credits . No credit card required IC O

Online marketing

Wholesale ecommerce is growing in popularity as more traditional B2B businesses moved our operations online.

Using our ecommerce platform to buy every kinds of hand set you are actually looking for.our e commerce service is a way to automate time-consuming manual processes. With our platform you can checkout new bands and phone models, billing and inventory management are done with apps instead of by your touch.

Our employees can help you to resources to other parts of the business, such as digital marketing or customer service. Additionally, our sales teams can spend time working with larger, more complex accounts instead of handling order processing for bulk purchases that can be easily completed through a self-service model on our website.


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Jahid Hassan Bhuiyan

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Abdullah Al Mamun Khan




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